Case Study: How a Mold Upender Transformed a Factory’s Production Process

The mold upender machine plays a very important role in the actual production and maintenance of molds.

For example, one of our clients is a manufacturing factory that produces various plastic products, and one of the key production processes is the use of molds for injection molding.

In the past, when flipping machines were not introduced, the flipping and processing of molds was a time-consuming and laborious process that required a lot of manpower and equipment operation, as well as the tacit cooperation between multiple personnel.

Safety and cleanliness issues also needed to be noted during the operation process.

In order to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity, this factory has decided to introduce a mold flipper from FHOPE to change the production process, improve work efficiency, and ensure safe operation.

The mold flipper is essentially a specially designed device designed to quickly and safely flip injection molds to different working positions. Therefore, it is designed to have the following functions:

Driven by chains and motors, the mold flipper can automatically flip the mold from one direction to another without manual intervention.

The flipper provides stable support and fixing devices to ensure that the mold remains balanced and safe during the flipping process. The bearing of the double roller inner support roller adopts solid copper sleeve bearing, graphite lubrication, without the need for additional lubricating oil, and has a strong radial bearing force

The flipper has a precise positioning system, which can accurately place the mold in the desired working position through control such as motors and sensors. The flipping of the mold is fast and safe, without the need to repeatedly check or adjust whether the flipping position deviates.

The flipper is equipped with an easy-to-use control panel, allowing operators to easily control and monitor the flipping process. It can also be equipped with a remote control with a 5-meter long wire, which ensures a safe distance for operation and has flexibility in operation.

The flipping machine designed by FHOPE can bear molds of different weights, ranging from 1 ton to 100 tons, and can be used for molds of small to large sizes

After the introduction of the mold flipper, the production process of the factory has undergone significant changes:

The mold flipper can quickly flip the mold, saving flipping time and thus reducing the production cycle. Workers can prepare molds faster and send them back to the production line for the next step, improving production efficiency.

Previously, flipping molds required the collaboration of multiple workers and extensive manual operations. Now, the introduction of mold flippers has reduced the demand for manpower, allowing workers to free themselves from heavy flipping work and focus on other more valuable tasks.

The mold flipper provides stable support and precise positioning, reducing the risk of accidents during the mold flipping process. Workers no longer need to directly contact heavy molds, reducing the likelihood of injury and improving workplace safety.

Mold flippers enable factories to easily handle molds of different sizes and shapes. Workers can adjust the flipper as needed to adapt to different production requirements, providing greater production flexibility and diversity.

By introducing a mold upender from FHOPE, the manufacturing factory has successfully changed the production process of mold processing.

Production efficiency has been improved, labor demand and intensity have been reduced, workplace safety has been improved, while also providing greater flexibility and diversity.

This real case demonstrates that introducing advanced equipment and technology appropriately can significantly improve the production process and bring multiple benefits.

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