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Our team with more than 20+ years experience in providing customized solutions according to your requirements in load shape, Max.Loading, handling method… 

About Us

Providing Customized Solution per different Loads

Our expert team, boasting over 20 years of experience, specializes in tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs concerning load shape, maximum loading capacity, and handling methods. We design industrial upender machines and tilters primarily for the heavy-duty task of lifting or rotating large and cumbersome loads, including molds, coils, and rolls….

coil upender

Get your best upender​

Our upender always stay with operator for safety and lower labor intensity


Get the proper Upender machine by applications!

coil upender
Mold Upender

For Mold, Die,Motor…

coil upender
180 Degree Upender

For Steel Sheet, Profile…

coil upender
Coil Upenders

For Coil Shape Load

coil upender
Roll Upender

For Reel, Paper Roll…

coil upender
coil upender


“Designed with simplicity in mind, our machines enable straightforward, intuitive operation, accessible even to staff without specialized skills.”​
“Our systems are engineered to eliminate the need for manual handling, significantly reducing the risk of workplace injuries.”​
“Constructed to EU standards for both electrical and mechanical components, our equipment is maintenance-free, ensuring dependable operation over time.”​

Full-Service Manufacturer for Upenders, offering custom design, production, and service to ensure safe and efficient load handling.

Our expertise encompasses the design, manufacturing, and servicing of upenders to facilitate the safe and efficient management of heavy loads. Our commitment extends beyond the sale