die mold upender

Our robust, fully electric mechanical die upenders, also referred to as mold flippers or coil tilters, are versatile across numerous industrial applications.

These devices streamline the process of maneuvering hefty loads, boosting productivity and safeguarding workers from the risks associated with handling large, heavy objects.

mold upender
Customized supportOEM,ODM
Place of OriginKunshan, China
PowerElectronic,1PH, AC220V, 50/60Hz
Usagemold and die flipper machines
Power supply380V 50Hz
Load capacity2T/5T/10T….
Warranty1 Year
Load deck 142″ x 50″
Load deck 242″ x 26″
mold upender
  • Enhances productivity and ergonomic safety by tilting bulk containers.
  • Options available for accommodating skids and/or pallets.
  • Can be fully customized upon request.
  • Designed with internal power to optimize floor space utilization.
  • Constructed from steel, making it suitable for industrial use.
  • Coated with a durable powder that withstands abrasion, acids, and oils.
  • Capable of tilting up to a full 90°, facilitating better access to bulk bins.
mold upender


Our upenders feature a sturdy, reinforced welded steel frame designed for durability.

They operate via a gear motor that powers a dual chain sprocket, enabling effective rotation.

The cradle includes two flat platforms. Heavy-duty sealed bearings ensure that the rollers can adequately support the load.

The integration of a brake motor and gear reducer ensures a stable and smooth rotation cycle, avoiding any jerks or abrupt changes in speed that could disrupt the load’s stability.

mold upender
mold upender
mold upender
innovation coil upender