Efficient Mold and Die Upender for Streamlined Production

Title: Powerful Upender for Injection Molds and Dies – Mechanically Driven by Chain and Sprocket


Looking for a reliable and efficient way to turnover your heavy injection molds and dies? Look no further than our Coil Upender, the ultimate solution for industry professionals seeking a powerful die upender/mold tipper. Mechanically driven by a sturdy chain and sprocket mechanism, the cradle is supported by rollers for maximum stability and safety.

Our Coil Upender is designed to meet the needs of heavy industries that require a robust and reliable turnover solution. With its durable construction and high load capacity, it can easily handle the weight of even the heaviest molds and dies. It’s perfect for use in large scale manufacturing plants, injection molding facilities, and die casting foundries.

In this video, we demonstrate the operation steps of our Coil Upender, highlighting its key features and benefits. Our expert team walks you through every aspect of the machine, from loading and unloading to safety features and maintenance requirements.

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable upender for your injection molds and dies, our Coil Upender is the perfect solution. Join our growing community of satisfied customers and experience the benefits of this powerful machine for yourself.

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As an AI language model, I’m not entirely certain what you mean by “tilter for Upender.” However, I’ll take a guess that you’re looking for a description of an injection mold and die tilting system that incorporates an Upender device. Here’s a possible write-up:

Our injection mold and die tilting system is designed to help manufacturers maximize their production efficiency and minimize downtime. The heart of the system is an Upender device, which can rotate the mold or die by 90 degrees or more, depending on the application. This allows operators to access different sides of the mold or die without having to physically remove it from the machine, saving time and effort.

The Upender is mounted on a sturdy base and can be operated either manually or automatically, depending on the user’s preference. The tilting angle and speed can also be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of the job. For added safety, the system is equipped with sensors and alarms that alert operators to any abnormal conditions, such as overloading or tilting beyond the safe limit.

The injection mold and die tilting system is compatible with a wide range of machines and applications, and can be customized to meet individual needs. Whether you’re working with small or large molds and dies, our system can help you improve your productivity and reduce your costs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your manufacturing process. coil upender
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