“Sustainable Secondary Packaging: Schubert’s Innovative Automated System for Eco-Friendly Packaging”

Are you curious about how Yakult, the popular probiotic drink, is packaged and delivered to eleven European countries from its plant in Almere, Netherlands? In this YouTube video, we will explore the switch from film to an Automatic Packing System at the Almere plant. Join us as we delve into the benefits of this innovative packaging solution and its impact on sustainability.

The Almere plant plays a crucial role in supplying Yakult to European consumers. With increasing demand, Yakult recognized the need for a more efficient and sustainable packaging process. That’s when they decided to transition from film to an Automatic Packing System.

The Automatic Packing System revolutionizes the packaging process by automating various tasks, such as product handling, sorting, and packing. This system eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall efficiency. By implementing this advanced technology, Yakult has significantly increased their production capacity, allowing them to meet the growing demand for their products.

One of the key advantages of the Automatic Packing System is its sustainability. The system uses sustainable secondary packaging, thanks to the collaboration between Yakult and Schubert – a leading manufacturer of packaging machines. This partnership ensures that the packaging materials are environmentally friendly and promote recycling.

With the Automatic Packing System, Yakult has successfully reduced their carbon footprint. The system optimizes packaging materials, reducing waste and minimizing the use of plastic. This commitment to sustainability aligns with Yakult’s mission to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable society.

The implementation of the Automatic Packing System has not only improved efficiency and sustainability but has also enhanced the overall quality of Yakult products. The system ensures precise and consistent packaging, maintaining the integrity and freshness of each bottle. Consumers can enjoy Yakult’s probiotic goodness with the assurance that it has been packaged with utmost care.

In conclusion, the switch from film to an Automatic Packing System at the Almere plant in the Netherlands has been a game-changer for Yakult. This innovative packaging solution has enabled Yakult to meet the increasing demand for their products while prioritizing sustainability. With the collaboration between Yakult and Schubert, the Automatic Packing System ensures efficient, precise, and eco-friendly packaging. Experience the difference yourself and enjoy Yakult’s probiotic drink, knowing that it is packaged with the utmost professionalism and care.

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“Sustainable Secondary Packaging and Automatic Packing System by Schubert – Revolutionizing Packaging Efficiency”