“Enhanced Box Packing Line: Fully Automated Weighing Function for Hardware Metal Nails”

Title: Automatic Box Packing Line with Weighing Function – Bestar’s Customized Solution

Welcome to our video showcasing the advanced Automatic Box Packing Line with Weighing Function by Bestar. In this video, we will provide a detailed overview of this innovative packaging line, specifically designed for hardware metal nails. Stay tuned to discover how this fully automatic system can streamline your packaging process and enhance overall efficiency.

Video Content:
The Automatic Box Packing Line by Bestar offers a comprehensive solution for packaging hardware metal nails. With its integrated weighing function, this cutting-edge system ensures accurate and precise packaging, minimizing any potential errors.

Key Features:
1. Customized Solution: Bestar understands the unique requirements of the hardware metal nails industry and has tailored this packaging line to meet specific needs.
2. Fully Automatic Operation: The system operates autonomously, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing labor costs.
3. Weighing Function: The built-in weighing mechanism ensures that each box is filled with the exact weight of metal nails, maintaining consistency and quality.
4. High-Speed Packaging: This efficient line can handle a large volume of nails, maximizing productivity and meeting demanding production targets.
5. Quality Control: The system incorporates quality checks to identify and remove any defective nails, ensuring only top-notch products are packaged.
6. Versatile Packaging Options: Bestar’s packaging line accommodates various box sizes and configurations, allowing for flexibility based on your specific requirements.

Operation Steps:
1. Feeding: The hardware metal nails are fed into the system through a designated input point.
2. Weighing: The system accurately measures the weight of the nails, guaranteeing precise packaging.
3. Box Filling: Once the correct weight is determined, the automatic box filling mechanism fills the designated boxes with the nails.
4. Quality Control: The packaging line employs quality control measures to identify and remove any defective nails, ensuring high-quality packaging.
5. Box Sealing: The filled boxes are securely sealed, ready for storage or transportation.

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import random

def nail_tilter(box_capacity, nail_weight):
while True:
nails_count = random.randint(1, box_capacity)
total_weight = nails_count * nail_weight

if total_weight > box_capacity:

return nails_count, total_weight

box_capacity = 500
nail_weight = 0.1

nails_count, total_weight = nail_tilter(box_capacity, nail_weight)
print(“Nails Count:”, nails_count)
print(“Total Weight:”, total_weight) coil packing line
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