“Revolutionary 6-Sided Orbital Stretch Wrapper: Unmatched Performance for Ultimate Packaging Efficiency”

Title: Unveiling the Superior Orion Axis 6-Sided Orbital Stretch Wrapper | Pack Expo 2014 Showcase

Welcome to our exclusive presentation of the exceptional Orion Axis 6-Sided Orbital Stretch Wrapper, featured at the renowned Pack Expo in 2014. In this video snippet, we unveil the cutting-edge features and advantages of this best-in-class orbital stretch wrapper. Prepare to witness a revolutionary packaging solution that elevates efficiency, reliability, and productivity to new heights.

Video Content:
Discover the remarkable capabilities of the Orion Axis 6-Sided Orbital Stretch Wrapper as we delve into its key points and fascinating details. Watch closely as we walk you through the operation steps, highlighting its unrivaled performance and user-friendly interface. Witness how this advanced machine effortlessly secures your products with precision, ensuring optimal protection during transportation and storage.

Key Highlights:
1. Superior Six-Sided Wrapping: Experience the unparalleled versatility of the Orion Axis as it effectively secures your products from all angles, guaranteeing ultimate stability and protection.

2. Advanced Technology: Explore the state-of-the-art features incorporated in this orbital stretch wrapper, including its intuitive control panel, customizable wrapping parameters, and seamless integration with existing packaging lines.

3. Enhanced Efficiency: Witness the swift and automated wrapping process, significantly reducing labor costs and improving overall productivity. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual wrapping methods.

4. Customizable Wrapping Options: Tailor the wrapping settings to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s adjusting the film tension, speed, or overlap, ensuring a perfect fit for every product.

5. Durability and Reliability: Experience the robust construction and exceptional build quality that make the Orion Axis a long-lasting investment. Enjoy uninterrupted operations and minimal maintenance.

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Here’s a sample tilter program for the Orion Axis 6-Sided Orbital Stretch Wrapper:

1. Set the desired tilt angle for the tilter.
2. Activate the tilter motor to start tilting the load.
3. Wait for the tilter to reach the desired tilt angle.
4. Stop the tilter motor once the desired angle is achieved.
5. Verify if the load is secure and stable in the tilted position.
6. If the load is not stable, adjust the tilt angle incrementally until stability is achieved.
7. Once the load is stable, activate the stretch wrapping operation.
8. After completing the stretch wrapping, deactivate the tilter motor.
9. Check if the load is wrapped securely and evenly.
10. If necessary, make any adjustments to the wrapping process or tilter angle for better results.
11. Repeat the tilter and stretch wrapping process for the remaining sides of the load.

Note: This is a basic tilter program, and the actual implementation may vary depending on the specific features and control systems of the Orion Axis 6-Sided Orbital Stretch Wrapper.Orbital Stretch Wrapper
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