Pallet charger solution

pallet charger

We have below solutions for pallet charger. 

For solution 1, 2 and 3, the machine press the products and turn the products over. Please visit below website and watch the videos of machine in operation.

Solution 1 Mobile Pallet Changer

Solution 2 Pallet Changer

Solution 3 V shape pallet changer

For solution 4 and 5, they are pushing type pallet changer which can transfer products from one pallet to another without rotation.

Have to mention, this machine is more suitable for box packed products not bag packed products. As the force of friction between bag and machine is much larger than the one between box and machine.

We are afraid that the package of botton layer may be damaged after pushing. 

Solution 4 pushing type pallet changer

Solution 5 pushing type pallet changer