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The Chinese pallet changing machine manufacturer

pallet changing machine

The pallet changing machine. 
Many customer using our pallet inverter around the world.

at siniora food industries company , we are market leader in Meat Processinjg Market with 3 production sites ( in Palestine, Jordan, Dubai) and many Distibution Points all over the Middleeast
We are currently looking for Pallet Inverter to slove the problem Broken Pallets that Hold  – asRecieved Goods
the attached specification may help
we are highly appreciate your Soonest Reply
  • Pallet tilter
  • Pallet exchanger
  • Pallet inverter-D series
  • Pallet inverter-C series
  • pallet inverter-B series
  • Pallet inverter-A series
  • 1/ Do you have dealers in CIS? Can you work with Belarus directly?——Sorry, we don’t have the dealers in Belarus. We can provide the machine directly.

    2/Who will do the maintenance and warranty service?—–Our team will providing the service in installation, commissioning and technical assistant. This is an

    3/ min zone for work of pallet transfer (square meters)—–L2.5m x W3m

    4/we need the following characteristics: pallets up to 1500 kg and the height is up to 215 сm—Ok

    5/ price and terms of delivery—-Please check the quotation

    6/ when can you deliver?—–45days

    7/the type of work: electric motor, pneumatic or hydraulics—- We have all three types machine per different requirement. The machine offered is motor + gear box drive