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automatic plastic pipe coiling and banding machine

automaitc coiling and banding machine

This is an automatic pipe and hose coiling making and banding machine with is a automatic solution for making the plastic pipe and hose.


The coiling size:   coil OD:600-900MM   width: 100-300mm,  ID:300-700MM


For upvc pipe coiling. and banding.

For corrugated pipe coiling and banding.

Automatic Banding and strapping by machine automatic


Thank you for your welcome to visit your manufactuering factory for plastic pipe coiling ans banding

We are pickup the customer from Kunshan Yizui Crown Hotel

No. 216 Qianjinzhong Middle Road on Jul 27 2018 at 9:30-10:00

I shell travel from Taizhou to Kunshan on Jul 26 afternoon for the plastic pipe coiling and strapping machine

“ for information I stay at New Century Taizhou Hotel on July 25 night”.

pipe coiler&hose winding machine