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automatic plastic pipe coiling and banding machine

automaitc coiling and banding machine

This is an automatic pipe and hose coiling making and banding machine with is a automatic solution for making the plastic pipe and hose.


The coiling size:   coil OD:600-900MM   width: 100-300mm,  ID:300-700MM


For upvc pipe coiling. and banding.

For corrugated pipe coiling and banding.

Automatic Banding and strapping by machine automatic


Thank you for your welcome to visit your manufactuering factory for plastic pipe coiling ans banding

We are pickup the customer from Kunshan Yizui Crown Hotel

No. 216 Qianjinzhong Middle Road on Jul 27 2018 at 9:30-10:00

I shell travel from Taizhou to Kunshan on Jul 26 afternoon for the plastic pipe coiling and strapping machine

“ for information I stay at New Century Taizhou Hotel on July 25 night”.

pipe coiler&hose winding machine





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The Chinese pallet changing machine manufacturer

pallet changing machine

The pallet changing machine. 
Many customer using our pallet inverter around the world.

at siniora food industries company , we are market leader in Meat Processinjg Market with 3 production sites ( in Palestine, Jordan, Dubai) and many Distibution Points all over the Middleeast
We are currently looking for Pallet Inverter to slove the problem Broken Pallets that Hold  – asRecieved Goods
the attached specification may help
we are highly appreciate your Soonest Reply
  • Pallet tilter
  • Pallet exchanger
  • Pallet inverter-D series
  • Pallet inverter-C series
  • pallet inverter-B series
  • Pallet inverter-A series
  • 1/ Do you have dealers in CIS? Can you work with Belarus directly?——Sorry, we don’t have the dealers in Belarus. We can provide the machine directly.

    2/Who will do the maintenance and warranty service?—–Our team will providing the service in installation, commissioning and technical assistant. This is an

    3/ min zone for work of pallet transfer (square meters)—–L2.5m x W3m

    4/we need the following characteristics: pallets up to 1500 kg and the height is up to 215 сm—Ok

    5/ price and terms of delivery—-Please check the quotation

    6/ when can you deliver?—–45days

    7/the type of work: electric motor, pneumatic or hydraulics—- We have all three types machine per different requirement. The machine offered is motor + gear box drive

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coil wrapping machine

coil packing equipment for steel packing

coil wrapping machine

Coil packing machine|Coil wrapping machine-coil stretch wrapper

The Coil packing machine provided by fhopepack is a ring types stretch wrapper that special designed coils packaigng. It is a equipment for eye through packing which is an high speed for coils film wrapping and paper packaging.
I just back from China business trip.
According to the machine inquiry, we found that your price
is almost double compare to almost of our suppliers without commissioning job.
However, because we have accident  in the production line, we need to fix it first. We still did not buy from any supplier yet.  In this case we taking a chance to redesign our packing process , it may have better work flow.
So If you have anything to offer me, please don’t hesitate to inform me. We may have a good deal.
About your questions about the coil wrapping machine, our response as follows:
1. About the introductions of parts and specifications of the machine , it is written in English. is very easy to operate the wrapping machine.We are responsible for training the operation of the machine for our customers.
3.Delivery time: within 35 days after receiving the down payment.
4.we are a factory specialized in packing machine, not a trading company.
If needed, i will make a detailed quotation of the coil wrapping machine for you soon.


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coil upender and coil wrapping machine

coil upender and packing machine

coil upender and packing machineil Packing Machine:
Coll packing machine is one of the efficient equipment in
a ring type and can complete coil jobs by eye packing.
There are diverse kinds coil packer which has capacity to
provide coils with a nice packing ways….such as soil packing machine
and coil wrapping machine with coil upender ,the ring and rollers both
have adjustable materials by using inverters.if you want a
machine which has higher packing rates and lower costs and minimal space ,
no doubt,it is most efficiency equipment for coil objects packing.this
coil packaging machine with coil upender  includes a tight layer of film, paper,
fabric…over all
surfaces of coils with flexible overlap.this tight layer of
packing reduces most
of the air,dust, moisture from outside of packing. and it can
be protecting the surface of ciol in transportation by reducing the corrosion situations
,for instance ,dust and rust. In market,you can say
a good machine should has high speed and nice packing ability.
so ,we recommend Phope ,it has esay operation and reliable quality for
Coil Packing Machine .

Conclusion for Coil Packing Machine and upender:
this upender machine roller has an adjustable speed and ring to accmmodate materials, and
can reduce possibility of corrosion or water spots,dust and is
a female machine in market because of good value and function .

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine
Horizontal orbital streth wrappper/wrappin machine is prepared for
the straight can find suceessful instances in lots of
industries ,for example ,profiled product and plank stuff etc.
we often use the hrizontal machine to complete steel pipe packaging,Aluminum section packaging,
Window & door wrapping,Rod packing,panel packing…
it has high speed and effcient equipment while you are packaging.
Horizontal orital wrapping machine setted by Fhone are absolutely
made and designed withinn one of many factories.the corporation authority
in the market has been launched on scientific belongings:knowledge of wrapping,
the complementarily of motion, the opportunity to manage turnkey finishes of series
adding capabilities like stacking,conveying , wrapping, strapping, the ability to
represent options in any solution generation rates of speed lastly admiration for
that items and finished product packaging quality.
1.protect the package and eliminate damage
LLDPE stretch film is extended as it is applied and packing requirement by using
the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and ring type wrapping keeps the compression
and stake package together ,it contracts and enclose just like a rubber band.
it can avoid harm to colored, highly polised surfaces requrement that safeguard the items
in transition.prevent the interleaved requirement from buffering materials.
2.Material and Reduce Packing Costs.
Some bulky,expensive packing material in wrapping like foam, tape,
shrinking wrapping can be eliminated by Horizontal orbital stretch
wrapper/wrapping machines .highly packing speed cuts your time and
and labor costs.
3.Uniteze length wrapping available.
For some long objects such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile,lumber,
door,window,board,section,MDF wood,MDF board,textile rolls.
Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is the ideal tool.
For different width,has different Over Wrapping rate .Your packages are
prevented from dust,moisture,damage.

Conclusion for Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine:
This a special machine designed for straight objects.And in
many industries ,it has a lot of achievements.By using the
machine,you can save time and labor costs and prevent packages
from some damage.

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pallet tipper and pallet upender

A complete product for upender and tipper.

A complete product
Each customer customized equipment must match the corresponding product support.
According to the specific type and quality of equipment, need detailed drawings or pictures to provide customers with complete understanding.
In view of the machine before production, performance specifications and features of the upender manufacturers also provide for the customer approval drawing size. This provides customers with more convenient and more effective measures to ensure the order in the security design.
In the aspect of equipment, the company the first in the sales department and dealers and customers to discuss the integration products must use safety problem.
•safe operation, every product must have the corresponding application design. Our product resources and the use of the safety of the material has warned customers to use the device only for the purpose of accordingly.
• any equipment damaged or in the case of overload must check for regulation capacity by the original manufacturer and referred to in the preceding paragraph may continue to use.
• modify original equipment need to allow the original manufacturers. Customers or third parties once modified products may be unable to meet safety standards or safety guidelines. Such changes do not belong to the warranty scope.
• some specifications have enclosed a piece of equipment. They contain the details of the equipment installation, inspection and maintenance procedures, there is also a builder the equipment of the company’s products. A lifting machine safety instructions. Each piece of equipment is designated by the company engineers for production safety label. In addition, the customer will also receive an icon and safety standards (ISS) table shows each sticker that corresponds to the position. If the product use problems can be free exchange,
the operator safety manual needed to provide a reference for the bulls, these manuals are all small size can just in a shirt pocket.

Coil tilter (2)
Coil tilter
COIL UPENDER Mechanical upender
tilter and upender
tilter and upender
TILTER WITH conveyor
Hydraulic tilter
Hydraulic tilter Hydraulic upender
Upender hydraulic tilter and upender hydraulic tilter and upender Hydraulic-upender-and-tilter Hydraulic-upender-and-tilter
180degree TILTER and invertrer
180degree TILTER and invertrer
40T mold tilter
40T mold tilter
180 Degree inverter for pallet changing
180 Degree inverter for pallet changing
coil tilter in workshop
coil tilter in workshop
Heavy load tilter
Heavy load tilter
hydraulic tilter for steel coil, copper coil
Hydraulic upender (2)
Hydraulic upender (2)
Hydraulic upender for paper roll
hydraulic upender
pallet tipper and upender
tilter and upender
Tilter for delivery
Tilter for delivery
tilter with rotating table
tilter with rotating table